Welcome to the Food Service at Yeshivah of Flatbush 

Yeshivah of Flatbush Ladies Auxiliary
Pay close attention to the months you are ordering for.
Please login to your existing account to place lunch orders for your children
(DO NOT signup as new parents unless you are a new parent at Yeshivah of Flatbush).
**Orders/changes that go into the system before 11 AM on any given day will be reflected in the system on the following school day.
After 11 AM you will no longer be able to order for the following day and the changes will go into effect on the next school day.**
**Orders will not be processed unless paid for on the same day that the order is placed.** 


  • When placing an order pay attention to the calendar on the top of your child's order page. When you start all the dates/squares are in red. The date you are currently on is highlighted in grey. As you order the squares turn green.
  • If you choose to order the same item for every day in a month click on the "apply to all..." button that is above the "next" button at the bottom of the order page.
  • Located on the bottom of the order page is a by date listing of your child's order. Should you know of a day (ex: vacation) that your child will not be in school you have the option to click on the little "x" before the date to delete that day and avoid being charged. You can also see if you accidentally ordered more than one item on a given date and this is where you can delete the unwanted item.
  • If you anticipate making changes in your account there is an option to "pad" your balance due. For a few extra dollars you will have a credit in your account that you will be able to use any time, and help avoid being charged for small changes.


  • On your family order page there are a list of tools to the right hand side of the screen. Use the little "flip calendar" icon with the specific month to see exactly what you have ordered for all your children for that month. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND viewing this calendar before checking out to avoid duplicate orders or missed days for each of your children.
  • To make changes to an order, go to your child's calendar and click on the first available day on the month you want to make a change. Scroll down and change the quantity to "0" on the item you no longer want and place a quantity of "1" or "2" by the item you would like. Then either "apply these choices to all..." or if only changing for 1 day then click "next". Another way to make changes is to go to your child's calendar and scroll to the bottom of the page where it lists the dates you ordered in order of the days of the month. Find the day you want to change/delete and click on the little "x" in the front of the line and the item is deleted and credited to your account. You can then order your preference. (Just clicking what you want to change to will only add something to your existing order.) 
  • To make sure you are getting the lunch emails please make sure to go to "settings" when logged into flatbush.myfooddays.com and view who the primary email address is. If necessary, please change the email address to the person who wants to receive lunch emails. That email address will be the login email address. (Note that if you have clicked not to receive any emails from myfooddays, you will not be notified when the new order runs are available. Please click on the box that allows emails to be sent to the primary email address.)